Prototype and technology tests

In subproject G "Demonstrator and Technology Tests" the work from subprojects A, B and D is merged: The Institute of Space Systems, the Institute of Particle Technology and the Institute for Engineering Design from TU Braunschweig are testing the developed technologies: the regolith simulant TUBS-M and TUBS-T, the rover-arm prototype MIRA3D, as well as the 3D printing head for processing lunar regolith.

The prototype MIRA3D

The aim of the subproject is to demonstrate the autonomous additive layer manufacturing of lunar regolith simulants without the use of additives on a mobile robot. Various tests are planned for this purpose: first, the off-road capability of the rover-arm prototype MIRA3D is to be examined in quarries. In a next step, the 3D printing head is integrated into the prototype. Then, the printing process should first be tested in the laboratory and later in the field. At the end, a demonstration mission will take place at the ESA EAC LUNA test site.

The prototype MIRA3D with a printing head dummy