Institute of space systems, TU Braunschweig

The institute of space systems is led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Enrico Stoll since 2014. It consists of 23 scientific and five technical staff members. Research is structured in four teams: team space debris, team satellite technology, team culture and spaceflight and team exploration and propulsion systems.

3D4Space is settled in the team exploration and propulsion systems. This team consists of four persons and was found in April 2017. The focus of this team is on:

The activities are included in the other teams of the institute and into national and international research. Therefore, we actively contribute to the strategies of future space exploration and identify current research areas.

The institute of space systems leads the innovative network 3D4Space. In subproject A “autonomous and robust robotic systems” we investigate a mission analysis for a mission to Moon in which a Moon base is constructed. Additionally, we develop components and subsystems for robotic systems. This includes the development of a single wheel testbed for wheel-regolith-interaction.

In subproject G “prototype and technology tests” we cooperate with the institute of particle technology and the institute for Engineering to test the technologies developed. This includes the regolith simulants TUBS-M and TUBS-T, the mobile-robot-arm prototype MIRA3D and the printing head for additive layer manufacturing of lunar regolith with the so called powder-feed fused deposition modeling (PF-FDM) process.


MIRA3D                                                                                                     The single wheel testbed                      



Simon Stapperfend

Stefan Linke

Anna Voss