Institut für Konstruktionstechnik, TU Braunschweig

To support the process from idea to product as best as possible, task-specific procedures, methods and computerized aids are being developed by the Institute for Engineering Design. Consideration of different technical systems as well as interdisciplinary collaboration are the foundation for the development of universal results and triggers ideas for novel problem-solving approaches. Membership in NFF and NFL as well as BLB and OHLF lead to transdisciplinary networking regarding our research. The Institute for Engineering Design is organized in four workgroups, focusing on specific topic areas of product development and vibro-acoustics.

Vehicle Concepts

The workgroup concentrates on future mobility concepts and develops concepts for innovative vehicles or other forms of transport. Apart from the complete vehicle package, structural design, ergonomics, and battery-integration are the main area of focus. In this context tools for early designing and assessment are being developed and adjusted to the needs of cooperation partners.

Integrated Product Development

The research of the work group IPE addresses challenges of the integrated product development within the interplay of processes within the company, the technical system and humans as developers. Focus lays on the research fields of Training & Transfer of Methods, Cooperative Product Development, Systems & Life Cycle Engineering and Conceptual Design of Innovative Products. Results of this research are scientifically sound and practically applicable methods and tools for modern product development.


Numerical and experimental processes for absorption, redirection, and emission of mechanical vibration are being investigated in this workgroup and thereby acoustic behavior of materials, components, and structures are being researched. Under the direction of this workgroup the in-house software elPaSo, a platform independent and parallel working software for acoustic and structural analysis, is being developed.

Lightweight and Multi Material Design

This workgroup researches the process of hybrid lightweight engineering design in automotive mass production and additive manufacturing. Main area of focus is the topic of design-specific development of methods and tools for estimation of potentials and design of hybrid component concepts as well as material characterization.


As a part of the Forschunscampus Open Hybrid LabFactory (OHLF) in Wolfsburg the group works with ideal conditions for research in the field of hybrid design approaches. The Additive Manufacturing Lab in Braunschweig forms the synergy with research at the OHLF and mirrors the questions from multi material lightweight design into the world of additive manufacturing.

Workgroup Lightweight and Multi Material Design, consisting of 17 employees, six of whom concentrate on additive manufacturing. In this team sub-project D “Processing or mineral materials in space conditions” of project “3D4Space” is being worked on. Main focus lies on the conceptual design and implementation of a unit for additive processing of lunar regolith by extrusion and characterization of attainable component properties.